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Why Byzantium?

As you can see below, there are many reasons to choose Byzantium, but our clients are saying "the customer service is best"!

(It does helps that we love wires and phones ...)

Savings IS possible.

Making cuts and adding to the bottom line is at times a very difficult task to accomplish for any business.  We've learned the secret to savings in telecommunications ...

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Sometimes we need more

Byzantium can help finance your communication project.  You've set a budget, but you know there's just a little more you would like to do.  We use baytree to help ...

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The right direction

Once in a while you need some professional advise from an expert in a particular field.  Our expertice comes from over 30 years experience in this Industry. 

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Nationwide.  Need we say more?

We've logged over 6,000 hours in installation services from clients with all types of offices and every kind of need you can think of.  Complete installation of your entire system.

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Check it OutByzantium?

Byzantium (bih-zan-tee-uhm) really is an odd word that we are asked about frequently. Let us tell you why we chose it ...

Check it OutWhat We Do

We'll show you how easy it is to get set up with the right communication system and how you can actually save money.

Check it OutHow & Why

We love wires, technology, and buttons.  We think these are the coolest things on earth and we get to share them!